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Click here for current info on the March 11, 2011, Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

Nuclear Explosion at Nevada Test SiteCBS47 video featuring Mark Krubsack Nuclear Blast in the Pacific Ocean
            Washington Post article or CBS47 video

 email: K6MAK

VideosAutunite, Trinitite, Geiger Muller Probes compared and Radium Alarm Clock

4th Generation Nuclear Weapons

I have three B.S. degrees one in Psychology, one in Economics, and also one in Accounting/Business Administration.
I have a Masters degree in Business Management, and did graduate work at U.C. Santa Barbara towards a Ph.D. in Economics.
I have a State of California teaching credential and have taught college-level courses.

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 I saw Pink Floyd live three different times.
The first time was during the premier of Dark Side of the Moon in the USA (Madison, WI), then the Animals Tour in Anaheim, CA, and finally during the Division Bell Tour in Oakland, CA.
This is a review of the first time in Madison,WI, in 1973
, courtesy of Joe Accardi, 2012.

A few Concert Ticket Stubs from shows I saw 1  2  3  4  5 

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